Glass Takeback

Salt & Ash is dedicated to reducing waste in our industry, by collecting and reusing our jars and bottles from scrubs, lotion, and body oil. We understand that glass, like plastic, has major impacts on our planet. That's why we started a takeback program so that our containers can be collected, refilled, and enjoyed again.

When you return your clean and dry Salt & Ash jars and bottles to our shop on Virginia Ave, you will receive 10% off your entire purchase that day. This discount cannot be applied on top of other sales, bundle discounts, or clearance.

Takeback Instructions:

To get the 10% off reward, you must follow a few rules:

  1. Ensure that your containers are from Salt & Ash products only.
  2. Remove the label if you can. Clean each container (a dishwasher is best), and allow to fully dry before bringing them into the shop.
  3. Drop off your products during store hours.

Plastic pumps, droppers, and many jar lids cannot be reused but can be included in your return. We will take care of their disassembly and recycle them appropriately.

Salt & Ash reserves the right to refuse containers that are unclean.