Citrus Sea Radiance Boost Soaking Salt

Citrus Sea Radiance Boost Soaking Salt

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Let the stress of the day float away with this Citrus Sea All Natural Bath Salt. Citrus oils contain vitamin c, which is thought to enhance skin vibrancy. 

Made with a blend of large sea salt and epsom salt, plus lime and orange essential oils, this luxurious soak will have your muscles singing the sweetest melodies and your feet feeling like they've been on vacation.Time to get salty!

Can be used to soak your full body, or just for feet. 

Large sea salt granules will slowly dissolve into water, providing you with a long lasting rejuvenating experience.

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt), Orange and Lime Essential Oils, Fragrance 

10 oz/283 g

Micro batch made in Indianapolis, Indiana, in our facility. This is a limited edition product.