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My Top 9 Small Businesses to Shop From This Season

My Top 9 Small Businesses to Shop From This Season

'Tis the season to shop local, period. As important as it is every other time of year to support small businesses, startups, and local artists and makers, the holiday season is really the time to throw your money their way. The last three months of the year are typically where many small businesses make a huge chunk of their profit. Some businesses report that the final month of the year provides them with 1/3 of their total annual sales.
Sure, you can spend your dollars at Target and Amazon, Walmart or Kohl's- but these corporations aren't living in your neighborhood. They won't genuinely thank you when you purchase from them, or do a literal happy dance when they get your order. When you buy from small business owners, you're supporting a dream, a business, and a person.
I've put a lot of pressure on myself to narrow this down to 9, but this list is really just a jumping off point. I tried to include a well-rounded bunch of businesses that offer items and services that make great gifts. These are mostly Central Indiana based businesses.
Ok, here we go, in no particular order:
Small batch soy candles that smell heavenly
Accessories like enamel pins, patches, and stickers
Electroformed jewelry with very cool and unique designs
Hand embroidered, low brow art, decor items, and accessories
All the cat things, including cards, prints, and stickers
Handmade stuffed plushies of superb quality
Amazing dry shampoo, hand-blended teas, and more plant magic (and classes!)
Very cool mugs, bowls, and other ceramic home goods that you need
Beautiful macrame home decor, jewelry, and accessories (plus she teaches classes too!)
This list will hopefully help get your holiday shopping started this season! Buying from small businesses makes your gifts SO much more meaningful to the gift recipient as well as the maker.
And don't' forget to check out these physical locations where you can find my items, and the work of many more artisans:
A 'bit of Whimsy SoBro 5208 N College Avenue
At Home With Us Downtown Fortville
Becker Supply Co at the Fashion Mall
Check out this great Yelp article for more small brands & businesses!
Thanks for reading and happy gifting,

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